7 Common Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

When was the last time you lubricated your garage door or checked its springs?

The garage is often discarded as a storage or parking space. Thus, people often neglect garage door maintenance. Apart from keeping your home safe, a garage door can increase its value.

A garage door maintenance routine involves more than keeping it clean. Here are some mistakes you should avoid when inspecting garage doors.

1. Leaving the Garage Door Unused

Like a car, a garage door has an average lifespan. Its functionality can depend on the manufacturer, present damage, and frequent use. People often make the mistake of thinking that if they don’t use it, it won’t get damaged.

However, leaving your garage door unused can cause the same problem. Rust can accumulate, the material becomes fragile, and more breakage appears. We also recommend replacing garage door parts or the door every 10 years.

2. Failing to Run Tests

If you test the garage door, check for any slow or uneven movement. Does it sag? Listen to determine if there are strange noises when you move the garage door.

Inspecting garage doors allows you to detect possible problems. As a result, this prevents them from causing more damage. With this, test the garage doors by performing a thorough inspection at least once a year.

3. Forgetting to Lubricate Moving Parts

Another garage door maintenance mistake is forgetting to lubricate its parts. Garage doors look simple, but it has crucial components like rollers, hinges, belts, a pulley, and a cable.

When looking for garage door repairs, check if the moving parts are running well. A grinding or squeaking sound can mean the lubricant has run dry.

Ensure to use the proper lubricant as grease or oil allows dirt to accumulate. Thus, leading to friction, which is damaging to the materials.

4. Keeping the Tracks and Rollers Dirty

In a garage door, the rollers ensure its swift and smooth operation. However, continuous use causes wear and tear. The dirt and debris left add to the problem.

To preserve its quality, perform seasonal garage door maintenance. Clean the tracks to remove dirt and debris that can get stuck in the rollers.

5. Forgetting to Test the Sensors

Today, most garage doors are automatic. With the sensors, you can avoid damage and injuries. However, this technological improvement is prone to defects like other inventions.

If your sensors are sensitive, the door can open even if there is nothing in the way. We recommend getting a replacement if you find issues.

6. Replacing the Springs Yourself

Apart from the rollers, the garage door uses springs to open and close well. Due to frequent use, these parts require periodic replacements.

Removing the springs yourself can cause damage or injury. If the springs are loose, it’s best to call for experts. You can guarantee they can fix your garage door problems in no time.

7. Leaving Bent Tracks Unfixed

When maintaining a garage door, see if the tracks are in line with each other. If not, the door may hang at a weird angle or you may hear strange noises when using it.

To avoid expensive repairs, address this issue before it gets worse. If you want the best experience, consider getting custom garage doors that fit your needs.

Avoiding Garage Door Maintenance Mistakes

Garage door maintenance is a crucial practice. Doing so saves you from serious injuries or damage when problems arise. Remember to avoid the mistakes mentioned above.

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