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Your home’s garage doors seem like pretty simple features. There’s a track, a door, and a motor to move the door up and down. Add in a couple of remote controls and the system is complete.

Of course, it’s not really that simple. Anyone who has ever had a problem with a garage door knows that it is actually very complicated, requiring specialized parts and skills to work properly. Several common garage door problems can leave your doors out of order, requiring the skills of our qualified team at Dynamic Doors.

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Remote & Switch Service

Of course, the opening mechanism is only as good as the remotes and switches that open it. Keeping things working is a part of residential garage door repair that is often overlooked. Lost programming can render your remotes unusable, potentially leaving you locked out. Outdoor keypads, vehicle remotes, and upgraded wall-mounted buttons inside your home will maintain the safety and convenience of your garage doors.

Damaged Garage Doors

While it is very rare for a vehicle to run into your garage door, accidents happen. Traffic collisions or simple mishaps in our own driveways can lead to collisions with the garage door, which not only leave the door unusable but also open the home to intruders. Immediate residential garage door repair requires the availability of people and parts as quickly as possible so that your home is functional and secure again.

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Broken Springs

Above your garage door is a huge metal spring. The tension that is added to and taken from the spring helps the door move easily with less strain on the opener. Over time, the spring can rust and stick to itself, eventually breaking. Because of the very high pressure in the spring, only a garage door service technician should replace the spring.

Opener Failure

Motorized garage door openers allow you to open the garage door from the house or car without actually getting out in the weather. Many years of raising and lowering the door for you will eventually wear the motor out, requiring replacement. A skilled garage door service company will be able to properly locate, connect, and calibrate the door so that it operates properly.

Cables, Rollers & Tracks

Your garage door will not move freely if the rollers or tracks experience damage. A warped or bent track will quickly stop the movement of the door, potentially leaving it stuck and even leading to further damage. Snapped cables keep the door from stopping and starting as it should. Whether it’s been damaged or has simply worn out, your roller system must be repaired by a capable garage door repair contractor in order to return to normal function.

Garage door repair is about more than just finding a broken part and replacing it. It requires knowledge of how the whole system works and the ability to determine the underlying causes of the breakdown. At Dynamic Doors, our team understands the complexities of garage doors and can get yours back into safe, effective operation.