Garage Door Safety Sensor Replacement

The function of the safety sensor is to prevent the garage door from closing on someone or on an object. The sensor uses infrared technology to detect whether there is an object that might be hit by garage door as it closes. There is a photoelectric eye on one side that sends a beam to the other side of the door. The other side has an eye that receives the infrared beam. If the beam does not reach the other side because it is obstructed by an object, the closing door will be forced to reverse its direction. When the safety sensor fails, the door will not reverse when there is an object on its way.

Fortunately, it is possible to fix your garage door by replacing the safety sensor. Dynamic Doors offers convenient and cost-effective garage door safety sensor replacement in Fallbrook as shown in a recent job we did (see before and after pictures below).

However, if you have the time, tools and patience, it is possible to DIY. Here are the things that you should do when you want to replace your garage door safety sensor:

1. Disconnect the garage door opener from the pore source

The first thing that you should do before doing anything else is disconnect the garage door opener from the power source. This will help to keep you safe from electric shock when you start the safety sensor replacement job.

2. Remove the faulty sensor

To be able to remove the safety sensor, you will have to remove wall nut. Removing the nut will enable you to remove the sensor from the bracket. You will have to cut the wires at about one inch from the sensor. You should leave enough slack to make it easy for you to connect the replacement sensor.

3. Connect your new safety sensor

Connect the replacement sensor the right way. Take your time in the stage to ensure that you connect your new sensor the right way. Connecting the sensor the right way will not only help you ensure that it functions as expected, it will also help you ensure that it does not get damaged because of not being installed the right way. Slide the photoelectric eyes into their respective brackets carefully. Line up the photoelectric eyes.

4. Test your garage safety sensor

When you are done with installation, you have to plug the garage door opener to the power source to test whether it is working as expected. Open the garage door completely. Place an object in its path and try to close it. If it’s working properly, it should not move more than an inch when you have placed an object on the path of the beam.

To be able to do this job effectively, there are several tools that you will need. You will need pliers, hand gloves, a ladder, safety glasses and blue wire nuts. Make sure that you have all these things before you begin the job.

Keep in mind that replacing safety sensors on a Liftmaster garage door opener can be a dangerous job. You should not proceed until you are confident that you can do the job. If you not sure that you are up to the task, it will be best to seek help from the professionals. You will also be free from the hassle when you call our professional garage door services in Fallbrook and surrounding cities.

We are your best choice if you need Garage Door Safety Sensor Replacement in Fallbrook. We will show up on time and we will be a be to fix your garage door within the shortest time possible. Contact us today at (951) 541-0460 and we will replace your garage door sensor in the best way possible!