The 4 Most Common Garage Door Repairs, Explained

About 75% of Americans say that having a garage is one of the most important parts of their home. This is because they serve so many purposes, from using it as storage to working on projects. 

If your garage door is out of commission then it greatly affects your daily life. Luckily, there are common garage door repairs that will have your space up and running again. 

Read these 5 most common garage maintenance occurrences to stay ahead of any mishaps. 

1. Broken Springs

One of the biggest garage door problems is that the springs go through natural wear and tear. That is because springs expand and contract thousands of times over the years whenever you open or close the garage door. 

It is best to know when springs are beginning to wear down before they break. You can do this by inspecting their condition occasionally. And remember that the more you use the garage the sooner you will need to replace them.

2. Door Dents and Cracks

Repairing garage doors does not always mean that you need to buy a whole new one. Your door may just have a dent or crack from regular activity like playing baseball too close to the garage or backing up the garage too quickly.

Most likely these dents and cracks are isolated to one or two panels of the garage door. Replacing the panels is an easy and less expensive way to make your garage new again. 

3. Track Misaligned, Bent, or Broken

Another one of those common garage door repairs that occur over time is a misaligned, broken, or bent track. Opening and closing the garage many times leads to wear on its tracks. This can weaken them to the point that a small amount of pressure can break or bend them.

The wheels going along the track will also wear down eventually. Replacing the wheels can help make the garage door close and open easier and put less traction on the tracks. 

4. Safety Sensor Malfunction

Some types of garage door problems are more technical than mechanical. If your garage door will not close but there is no visual damage then it might be your safety sensor. 

A safety sensor malfunction causes your door to open by itself as it thinks that an object is in the way. The sensor may be misaligned or need to be replaced by a professional. 

5. Broken Cables

Other types of garage door repairs require immediate attention. For example, broken cables could be dangerous as the door could shut by itself and hit someone or something. 

This is a serious issue as approximately 30,000 people are injured by garage doors every year. Therefore, inspect cables regularly to determine if they need to be replaced before they become a hazard. 

Getting Help with Garage Door Repairs

Inspecting and preventing damage to your garage can be accomplished on your own. However, garage door repairs usually require a professional as parts need to be removed and new ones installed. 

Contact us today if your garage is broken to get reliable and quick service.