5 Signs of Broken Garage Door Springs

On the Pacific coast, around 80% of homes have garage doors. While a garage can be very beneficial and convenient, there are a few things you need to know.

A quality garage door installed correctly can last for years; however, you can expect some wear and tear. It’s normal to need garage door repairs every once in a while.

Knowing the signs of a broken spring can ensure you always have a working garage door. This guide will highlight the key indicators that can help you identify when it’s time to fix those springs.

Keep reading so you’re never stuck in or out of your garage!

1. Visible Wear and Tear

Over time, your garage door springs will begin to fail even if you do everything right and schedule maintenance regularly.

The springs are under constant tension and hold the garage door’s weight. This makes them vulnerable to wear and tear.

Take the time to inspect the springs every once in a while. Rusting, fraying, or gaps between coils are easy to spot and should be addressed right away.

These signs will indicate that your springs have been compromised and you’re in need of garage door repairs.

2. Frequent Loud Noises

Wear and tear can be easy to miss as you aren’t always looking for damage, but a loud banging or popping noise is sure to get your attention.

Your custom garage doors should operate quietly. If unusual noises start happening when you’re opening and closing the doors, there’s likely an issue with the springs.

Be sure to call garage door services as soon as you notice this sign. A broken spring making popping noises could be dangerous.

3. Uneven Garage Door

As you know, your garage door should be leveled on the ground when it’s closed. If it’s not parallel to the ground, then you know there’s an issue.

There are multiple springs, and if one is broken or more worn than the others, the door will start to sag. This will not only affect the appearance of your door but the added pressure and strain will cause more damage.

4. Difficulty Opening or Closing Doors

You’ll likely need garage door maintenance if your door is having difficulty opening and closing. It should run smoothly. There shouldn’t be jerks or sudden movements.

If there are any unexpected movements or if the garage door doesn’t open with ease, it’s best to call a professional.

5. Door Closes Too Fast

When a spring is working properly, the door won’t fall too quickly or hard. It will go lower at a regular speed. Garage door installation services will be required if the weight of the door is too heavy for the springs.

Springing Into Action: Garage Door Repairs

Garage door issues aren’t common, but they must be addressed right away. If you wait to call an expert, the problem will only get worse, costing you more money.

Needing garage door repairs isn’t ideal, but once you have your springs fixed, you’ll have peace of mind.

Don’t wait to get the home care you need. Our team is ready to help your garage go from dysfunction to efficiency. Contact us anytime, any day, to fix those broken springs and keep your garage door in top shape.